What do the symbols below my photo, the photo details, and the number of people "listening" mean?

Below your photo on the photo detail page, you'll see a series of symbols. The sideways "V" with circles on the point is the share button. Click the button and it will provide options for sharing. The "heart" icon is how you can favorite photos. If you mouse over the number next to it, it will display who has favorited the photo. And the "speech bubble" is for commenting.

Above the comment box, the number of people shown as listening indicates how many people are actively on the page at the same time as you are. The number includes you.

The right-hand side of the page and photo details section lists:
  • Exif data that is associated with the image you uploaded, if available. This includes camera name, aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and date taken. This data is passed through at the time of the file upload and is not editable or removable after the upload is complete. Please refer to the user guides for your camera and editing software for more information on changing Exif data before you upload images. If you change the Exif data using your editing software, the data on Your Shot will not change as the site captures the data at the time of upload.
  • The location you entered for your photo. You can edit this by clicking Edit Photo Details.
  • Copyright for your photo. This is the name on your gallery and is not editable. You may only upload photos to which you exclusively own the copyright.
  • The categories you chose for your photo. You can edit these by clicking Edit Photo Details, or click the categories to see more images that have been shared to the same categories.
  • Any assignments to which you have submitted the image. This is how you can check to see if your image has been successfully submitted to an assignment.
  • Any instances where the photo has been published, such as for the Daily Dozen, a story, or Photo of the Day. If you are wondering if your Daily Dozen photo was published in National Geographic magazine, this is where you can check to find out -- you will see a publication award with an issue if it was published in print. You can also see photos that have been published in print here.

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