Do you offer any free educational resources?

Yes, our education website houses free resources and programs for educators and students.

This site brings geography, social studies, and science to life for educators, learners, and their families—in and out of the K-12 classroom. The free education resources at harness National Geographic’s iconic media, research, and exploration to support high-quality, standards-based instruction and student-centered learning. The site features multimedia activities, photo and video galleries, a growing reference library, and interactive mapping and collaboration tools. This next-generation site replaces Xpeditions, which is now an archive. 

You can connect with National Geographic Education by signing up for a free, monthly e-newsletter called Education Compass. You can also read the NG Education blog, like its Facebook page, and follow it on Twitter 

If you are looking for map resources, black-and-white outline maps designed especially for printing and copying are available in National Geographic Education’s MapMaker 1-Page Maps tool. Other low- and high-tech interactive mapping tools include the MapMaker KitsMapMaker Interactive, and FieldScopeThe National Geographic Maps site also has satellite, physical, and theme maps. 

Through its NG In Your Classroom program, National Geographic Education provides free education outreach materials for National Geographic media, including television shows and specials, films, magazine articles and series, and explorer projects and initiatives. 

Have your students test their geography knowledge and practice for the National Geographic Bee with the GeoBee Challenge

Find online games, activities, stories, experiments, and much more at National Geographic Kids and National Geographic Little Kids. Also check out the National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Extreme Explorer sites.
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