Atlas App: How do I download Maps for Offline Use?

In the latest version of the World Atlas app, we sought to reduce and improve the time it takes to download map layers for offline use.  We have reduced the download time to less than 5 minutes with a strong network connection—and even faster with a strong WiFi connection. 

Please follow the screenshots below (depicting an iPhone 5S) to download maps for offline use.  You can reach the functionality through the Settings section from the Main Menu.  

Once you are in the Settings section, tap on the "Cloud" icon in the upper right corner of this screen.  You can repeat the process for the Executive style map as well. 

Once you begin the download process, a status indicator will appear around the globe.  You are free to use the app during the download process.  

After completion, a new section appears in the Settings screen, called Downloaded Content.  This section is simply an sign that you have downloaded extra content, and gives you an idea of the full size of the content on your device.

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