Atlas App: How do I Search for place names?

You are still able to search by typing in a place name in the app.  Placenames at this time are limited to those that currently appear as labels on the map.  We are adding placenames and map levels as fast we can, and will continually expand the coverage of places over the next few months. 

Access the search by tapping on the "magnifying glass" icon in the lower right corner of the main screen

Next, tap the area with the words the *Tap to Search* or *Enter Search Term* in the black bar above the continent lists. This will open the keyboard, and allow you to type your search term into the box.

As you type, results will appear in the list below, ordered by Country, State, then City or point of interest.  Simply tap on one of the search results to open that place in the app.  

Still need help?