What is the Daily Dozen?

The Daily Dozen features 12 of our favorites photos that have been selected by National Geographic editors.

How will I know if my photo has been reviewed by an editor?

We review every photo submitted to National Geographic's Your Shot for consideration in the Daily Dozen. 

Is there a day that is best to upload my photos in order to make sure they're seen? Do the editors only review the images from the previous day? 

Again, we review every single image, regardless of what day or time it is submitted. There is no specific time period for reviewing photos for a day's Daily Dozen. Our editors may look at a few days’ worth of photos to select the images featured on a particular day. We may include an image on Thursday that you submitted on Tuesday. If your photo is selected for the Daily Dozen, it will be noted under the "Published" tab on your profile and a "Published" section will appear above the photo details below the image.

How can I vote on the Daily Dozen?
You can vote on Daily Dozen photos at yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen. To vote, simply click the button on the bottom right of each photo. Please note that voting is only enabled for the current day; you cannot vote on past selections. 

How can I improve my chances of being chosen for the Daily Dozen?
The method our editors use to select photos for the Daily Dozen is called a blind edit. This means they don’t see who submitted the photo until after the selection is made. A special back-end system called Media Grid is used to review photos. Here’s a picture of what it looks like when they’re doing an edit:
Using this system, editors only see images and captions, and they see every image in full, not in the thumbnail you see in galleries around the site.
We don't recommend uploading images in bulk. Take your time and share your best shots. If you delete a shot from your gallery, it will still count towards your weekly upload limit and you won't be able to upload a new one for consideration in its place. We don’t recommend deleting and uploading your photos over and over again for consideration. Your Shot is a passionate, creative community ready to share feedback and start conversations about your images, and the more you engage with other members, the more you'll receive in inspiration.
Tip: Review past Daily Dozens to get a feel for the types of photos we select. You'll notice that they run the gamut in both style and content. Our photo editors like to be surprised and to see things from a different perspective. Be creative. Good luck!

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