My location is shown as invalid when I try to register

As you type, suggested locations should appear in a drop-down list below the text box, but they often take a moment to load. We recommend beginning by typing your town name, then waiting a moment. A list will appear below the text box with town options. Click on your town from the list to select it, and the text field will fill in automatically. 

The drop-down list only shows a few options at a time, so if your town still does not appear, type a comma followed by your state. Then, click on the town when you see it appear in the list.

If the drop-down list does not appear, there may be an issue specific to the browser you are using to access the site. We recommend trying another browser first and making sure that your browsers are up to date.

If you see the drop-down list but your town does not appear, we recommend trying a nearby location to see if it is found in the system.
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