How do I access my subscription and sign in to the National Geographic app?

If you are a print subscriber that has linked a digital account via the or a digital-only subscriber that purchased directly from, please sign into the app using your National Geographic account credentials. 

In order to sign in,
1. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet
2. Proceed to the SETTINGS section of the app, located on the right side of the lower navigation bar. 
3. Once in the SETTINGS section, tap the SIGN IN link.
4. On the next screen, enter your National Geographic username, sign in with your linked Facebook account, create a new account, or go through the password recovery process. 

After successful sign in, you will be able to personalize your experience by choosing a category/categories that represent your interests, opt-in to receive notifications, and restore your previously purchased subscription to the National Geographic magazine. Tap Magazine at the bottom of the app to explore the current issue and past issues of the magazine.

Still need help?