Verifying your email address for the National Geographic community

Why do I need to verify my email address?
Verifying your email address is required in order to help prevent anyone else from setting up accounts in your name. By asking you to acknowledge receipt of an email, we are able to confirm the person with access to the email account is the person who registered. If you use Facebook to register for the National Geographic community, you will not have to verify your email.

How can I verify my email address?
Check your inbox for a message from with the subject line "Confirm your email for National Geographic." Sometimes it takes a moment for the email to arrive, but if you don't receive it, we recommend checking your spam folder or filter on your email client.

Once you receive the email, simply click the link in the message or copy and paste the URL into your browser's address bar to verify that you received the email. Once you click the link, you will have to sign in to the site in order to access your account.
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